Building Our LibraryDSC_0340 - Version 3

It is very likely that we will inherit a library.

We can expect this library to have many of the American and English classics but very few titles from the last ten years. It is also unlikely to have all of the texts we will need in a classical school.

The quality of our library will depend entirely on what is donated. Please consider donating a book or music cd to our school.

 Amazon Wish List

We have set up four wish lists one Amazon: one for the children, one for our teachers, one for our parent library and one for our music collection. The web links to our wish lists are below:

Donating Used Books

Please do not hesitate to donate used hardbacks or paperbacks. Although we prefer hardbacks, we can rebind paperbacks as a hardback.

Paperback swap is a cheap way of obtaining used books. Please considering listing your unwanted books on this site and donating the credits you earn to our school. Look for or Neumann S. 

Books from these lists would be especially welcome: 

  • Teresa Fagan, A Mother’s List of Books
  • Elizabeth Wilson, Books Children Love
  • Michael O’Brien, A Landscape with Dragons 

If we are not able to use a donated book or music cd, we will return it to the donor or donate it to another Catholic, classical curriculum elementary school.