Your child’s work begins everyday at 8.30 am. Morning study is devoted to the most fundamental subjects: reading, phonics, grammar, writing, mathematics, and religious education. The children tackle these subjects while their minds are most alert and take a short recess between mathematics and language arts.  Two days per week, the school day opens with choir class, beginning at 8:30 am.

Classes break for lunch at 11.45 am.  Lunch is commenced with grace and the Angelus. After lunch, the children have a second recess in which they are free to engage in unstructured play.

After their return to the schoolroom, the children study a variety of subjects in the afternoon, including: history and geography, science, French language, art, classical music, and physical education.  The schedule of afternoon subjects varies according to the day o the week.

School finishes at 2:30 pm daily.

A portion of each school day will be devoted to religious education, either as doctrinal instruction, story time from the Bible, or the Montessori-based “Catechesis of the Good Shepherd”.

Research shows that the brain fatigues after 50 minutes of concentration. For this reason our subjects are studied in 30 to 50 minute slots. In between each subject slot, the children take a short break before turning their attention back to concentrated learning. In the younger years this might involve singing a song with their teacher or a brief learning game.

Recesses are provided because children need regular breaks. Unstructured free play has a restorative function in reducing fatigue and increasing concentration levels in children. We insist that the children take their recess outside except in the most inclement weather. While teachers keep their direct involvement in recess activities to a minimum, they do encourage the children to cooperate and expend pent-up energy.

The Neumann school day and learning schedule is designed to maximize your child’s learning  in as an  efficient manner as possible so that our students are not burdened with an overly long school day. Children need to spend time with their families, engage in play and develop their interest in sports and music outside of the school environment.