The Neumann Classical School curriculum and book lists have been assembled with three main goals. First, our students are given a systematic foundation in the major subjects that will support their future education. We emphasize early fluency in reading and arithmetic. For older students we embark upon the study of Latin, the language of classical antiquity, and the liturgical language of the Roman Catholic Church.

Second, we furnish the minds of our students with not only knowledge but also with beauty. They are given memory work in history, scripture, catechism, poetry, and Christian hymnody so that their minds may be rich cultural storehouses. We broaden our students’ learning experience through singing and understanding music, reading classic literature, experiencing history, exploring nature, and giving them their first glimpses of great visual art. We help them replicate beauty in nature and Western art by teaching classical drawing.

Finally, we lay the foundations for a strong Catholic faith through daily prayer, catechesis, and integration of a Catholic understanding into all aspects of the curriculum. We emphasize the serving our Lord joyfully and viewing our final home as Heaven.