Welcome to the Neumann Classical School community!

Dear Parents,

Neumann has been formed for the greater glory of God. Our mission is to help our children grow into men and women of character through learning and prayer. We believe that a classical education is the best means to this end.

Classical education is a method for training minds and forming souls. It is classical because it is founded on an enduring understanding of human nature. Although responsive to the needs of our own day, the first concern of a classical curriculum is this: Every child can recognize beauty, pursue truth, and come to know and love God. The techniques employed to achieve these ends vary as a child matures, but the aims remain constant.

Neumann takes academics seriously. As an elementary school, our task is to lay the foundations for future studies. We will teach your child to read and write – first in English, then in Latin; to understand arithmetic; to sing and love music; to see God’s hand in nature; and to draw and recognize beauty in art.

Neumann is Catholic. We intend to be faithful servants of Christ. We will teach your children to pray; encourage them to worship; and invite them to know and love God.

Finally, Neumann is a community. As a Neumann family, we hope you and your family will flourish and grow – intellectually, socially and spiritually – together with us. As pilgrims in this world, we do our best when we help one another. We invite you and your family to travel with us during the next few years.

Neumann Board