Board of Directors:

  • Dr. Mark Wyman holds a Ph. D. in theoretical physics from Cornell University as well as undergraduate degrees in mathematics and English literature. He worked as a research physicist at Canada’s Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics and at the University of Chicago, and is now a researcher at a global financial management fund based in New York City.
  • Monica McDaniel holds a B.A. and M.A. from the University of Notre Dame and J.D. from Fordham Law School. She was previously employed as a law clerk to a judge and a litigation associate at a corporate law firm.  She now stays home with her three children and assists with the administration of Neumann.
  • James Amorella, the board Treasurer, is a portfolio manager for an investment management firm in New York.  He holds an MBA in finance and a BA in History, both from the University of Dallas.  He lives in Westchester County with his wife and their two children.
  • David Cortez is a graduate of New York University and a Yonkers native.  He is a Real Estate Broker for Houlihan Lawrence Realty in lower Westchester County.  He lives in Westchester County with his wife and their three children.
  • Kevin Collins is a stage, screen and voice actor. An alumnus of St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto, he was classically trained at The National Theatre School of Canada and the Ecole de Mime Corporel Dramatique and has taught at conservatories in the US, Canada, and Europe. He is co-founder of The Catholic Artists Society, and lives with his wife and three children in Westchester County, NY.



  • Rachael Marie Collins Esq. is an Australian-born attorney based in New York. She studied at Princeton University, Columbia Law School, the University of New South Wales and Oxford University, and was a law clerk for a judge at the High Court of Australia (Australia’s supreme court).