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We are a group of Catholic parents and educators who recognize the need for a school in the New York City area that combines Catholic orthodoxy with the academic rigor of a classical education.


  • Classical education with an emphasis on academic excellence
  • Loyalty to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church
  • Formation of the entire person; development of the virtues

Mission Statement

The Neumann Classical School seeks to educate children in the liberal arts and natural sciences by using a rigorous classical curriculum with time-tested content and methods of instruction.

We emphasize classical learning to give our students the tools they need to think soundly, to write and speak clearly, and to live virtuously. We seek to inspire the exercise of temperance, fortitude, justice, and prudence by extolling what is true, good, and beautiful and by enriching the moral imagination using the great works of the Western canon.

We hope to nurture devotion to Our Lord and the exercise of faith, hope, and charity through sound catechesis, regular access to the sacraments, and the example of teachers who love and serve Our Lord. We want to immerse our students in the living tradition of two thousand years of Catholic thought, history, culture and art, so that they might grow and flourish as sons and daughters of God.


SCIENTIA, VIRTUS, PIETAS (translation: Knowledge, Virtue, Piety)


  • The oak tree represents strength, antiquity and the cultivation of knowledge. Its acorns represent fecundity and growth. In this crest they stand for human flourishing, the Catholic faith and classical studies.
  • The Cross represents Christ.This particular cross is a Botonée.
  • The oak tree is growing out of the Cross – representing that all life, strength, knowledge and Truth comes from and is rooted in Christ.

Neumann Crest